ERAS recently completed a Phase 2 investigation that resulted in issuance of a no further action (NFA) letter from Berkeley Toxics Management. ERAS successfully demonstrated that Underground Storage Tanks (USTs) were likely no longer present and therefore there was no contamination threat to the environment:

Review of historical maps and aerial photographs during a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment project indicated the Property contained a gasoline station from after 1930 until prior to construction of the current building (restaurant that was originally an office building). No evidence of removal of the former USTs or laboratory analysis was found in public records.

A magnetometer survey conducted over the areas most likely to contain USTs, including the sidewalks, did not confirm presence of USTs. To further verify removal of the USTs and obtain conclusive subsurface environmental information, soil borings were drilled into the sidewalks and parking lot. No contamination was encountered and the City of Berkeley personnel concurred with ERAS that no further action was necessary.