The owner and seller of a building in Mountain View was facing implication for part of the investigation and cleanup of an EPA Superfund site. He was unable to sell the Property.

A previous consultant discovered low levels of TCE in soil (below current Environmental Screening Levels) and in groundwater. They wrongly stated the Property was responsible even though the detected concentrations were below acceptable levels and groundwater contamination was already known to be under the Property from the upgradient Printex Superfund Site.

Through extensive file reviews ERAS was able to document historical data indicating contamination in groundwater was from the off-site source. A site inspection and underground utility survey documented that solvents in soil could be discounted as a contributory source to the plume.

A formal presentation was made to representatives of the Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB). The information provided was sufficient to convince the Board that the case should be closed and No Further Action was necessary.