After over a year of qualification proceedings, David Siegel of ERAS Environmental, Inc. has been awarded registration as a Registered Environmental Assessor (REA) Class II.

The State of California REA is a registration of environmental professionals and is required by most banks for performance of due diligence projects.

The qualifications for both REA I and, the newer, REA II are based largely on “field” experience on the recognition of real or potential environmental hazards to human health and property value. The REA II is based on more experience (minimum of eight years) as compared to only three years for REA I.

REA II’s must also demonstrate significant project management skills, technical expertise and regulatory interaction leading to site closure. At least one regulator must provide a professional reference for qualification.

The REA II is specifically named in current California legislation as a competent professional for performance of complex environmental projects for state agencies including the Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC). In essence, an REA II must be an expert project manager.

There are currently, approximately eight thousand registered REA I’s and only two hundred twenty REA II’s registered in the State of California.