As part of the Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment process, ERAS typically reviews hazardous materials management plans (HMMPs) for properties that may in the past have used significant quantities of hazardous materials.

Depending of the local jurisdiction (city/county fire departments or county health department), facilities that have HMMP’s on file are required to perform a hazardous materials management facility closure prior to vacating the property. This is significant because the local agency often asks to inspect the property prior to removing and of the equipment or hazardous materials. They may also ask to inspect after the removal of these items.

ERAS has been involved with facilities that have been vacated prior to the proper inspection. Needless to say, the agencies have not reacted favorably to these events. ERAS has also reacted favorably to these events. ERAS has also worked with local fire departments who have requested Phase 2 sampling. Property professionals should be aware that certain facilities may require a Phase 2 project prior to being granted facility closure. ERAS will therefore recommend, in our Phase 1 reports, that facility closure be completed.

If in doubt, check with ERAS regarding these kinds of facilities. ERAS can provide confidential inspection or compliance audits prior to property leasing, sale or change of tenants.