KEY CONCLUSION: Basic minimum costs apply for all Phase 2 subsurface investigations. Read more in this article.

Our clients are sometimes surprised at the cost of even the “simplest” Phase 2 investigation involving only 1 or 2 soil borings. This is due to what is commonly known as “economies of scale”. In this way, the cost of drilling 6 soil borings may only be 10-20% higher than the cost of drilling two, depending on the depth of the borings and laboratory analyses required.

As an example, for the drilling of one 15 foot boring in or near the Bay Area using a licensed driller, current costs are approximately as follows:

  • Drilling subcontractor $1,150
  • Locating subcontractor 350
  • Project setup/coordination 400
  • Drilling permits 300
  • Field equipment 300
  • Field Labor 600
  • Laboratory subcontractor 100
  • Report preparation 800

The total minimum cost of this simple investigation is approximately $4,000. Many of these costs would be the same or only slightly more for 1 boring or 4 for example (depending on the depth). Additional costs may apply if:

  1. the site is out of town
  2. if permit fees are higher
  3. if concrete cutting is required
  4. a work plan is necessary prior to conducting the work
  5. additional laboratory analyses or a larger number of samples is required.

A Phase 2 must also be overseen and certified by a Professional Geologist (PG), adding to the cost.