KEY CONCLUSION: Phase 2 soil and groundwater investigations must be overseen and certified by a Professional Geologist (PG).

Under the state of California Business and Professions Code, any subsurface investigation where conclusions and recommendations are made must be overseen by a PG. Historically, lenders and real estate brokers have asked for a quick Phase 2 investigation for due diligence just to see if there is an obvious problem. This approach has become a problem for a number of reasons as follows:

  • Most drilling contractors will not drill without an approved regulatory agency drilling permit. This means that is many cases, the agency will expect a report to be submitted, certified by a PG..
  • Should concentrations of chemicals be detected above regulatory levels, the owner of the property has a legal requirement to officially report it to the appropriate agency within 30 days. The use of a non-legal professional could be a further issue.

The need to conduct an “informal” Phase 2 investigation may result in incomplete or substandard geological work being performed by unqualified individuals.

ERAS employs Registered Environmental Assessors (REA) both Class 1 and 2, a Professional Geologist and a Certified Asbestos Consultant (CAC).