Phase 2 soil and/or groundwater investigations are subject to strict and well defined regulatory requirements.

The requirements for individual Phase 2 soil and groundwater investigations are highly variable with some general guidelines as follows.

  • Specific numbers of samples apply for Underground Storage Tank (UST) sites that include former or operating gasoline stations.
  • Specific analyses are mandated for specific types of situations, for example in subsurface investigations of waste oil tanks or clarifiers.
  • Guidelines also apply to minimum numbers of samples required to properly investigate areas of spills.

In many cases it is advantageous and sometimes required to negotiate proper scope of work with local environmental regulators. If the required investigation is not performed to their satisfaction, time and money may be wasted.

ERAS recommends your environmental consultant be able to answer the following questions. Will your Phase 2 investigation pass regulatory scrutiny if contamination is found? Will a regulatory agency accept the scope of work as sufficient? Have the appropriate professionals been involved so the Phase 2 report can be forwarded, if necessary, to an environmental agency for review?