ERAS has over 25 years of experience in performing Phase 2 soil and groundwater investigation projects. ERAS follows the ABCs for these projects. Assertion supported by Basis is necessary for Credibility. Without Assertion and proper Basis for the investigation the results will be Crap.

Almost all Phase 2 investigations are designed using a biased sampling approach. That is, there should be an assertion and basis (what and why) to investigate specific sampling locations. Without knowing specific locations, the only option is to perform a random sampling approach which, unfortunately, is the approach that is recommended by many Phase 1 project consultants. Random Phase 2 investigations are quite risky and usually very expensive if they are performed correctly.

ERAS has recently recommended in a number of cases, and will continue to recommend, that Property owners do not allow non-credible, random Phase 2 investigations to be performed, regardless of what a Phase 1 consultant or a bank recommends. The economic liability of the owner for potentially spurious Phase 2 investigations is far too high.

Recommendation - ERAS recommends that any recommendations for Phase 2 investigations be scrutinized for proper assertion and basis.