A Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) must include historical research as an important part of evaluation of potential liabilities to property environmental condition.

ERAS Environmental, Inc. believes that only experienced assessors should perform this research since indications of environmental issues may be observed at any time, from any source of information obtained, during the project.

ERAS has seen the results of projects where this procedure was not followed as described below:

Mississippi Street, San Francisco:

ESA did not include review of San Francisco Fire Department records; these showed a former fuel tank located on the property and no laboratory results. A Phase 2 investigation that led to site closure was necessary prior to financing.

Edes Avenue, Oakland:

Previous Phase 1 did not include review of city building records. A review of local building microfilm records, then city directories and aerial photographs, by ERAS, indicated the property contained a Chevron station where the current medical office building was constructed in approximately 1985.

3rd Street, San Francisco:

Previous consultant performed ESA but did not compare current parcel map with former pre-divided site map showing layout of former truck facility. A multi-building condominium complex was constructed on the property in approximately 1986. Sanborn fire maps indicated the former underground storage tanks might have been directly underlying the property.