ERAS has been cautioning our clients for over 10 years about the long-term financial dangers and pitfalls of performing random Phase 2 subsurface investigations.  The main problem is the findings from such investigations do not provide useful information and the usual outcome of comprehensive testing for unknown contaminants without identifying specific targets is often disastrous for the real estate. 

Random grid sampling is useful and necessary in some situations; however, random investigations usually detect low concentrations of contaminants and further investigation is usually necessary (an obvious cash cow for environmental consultants). 

There is one Bay Area environmental agency driving this approach for virtually every commercial property and their requirements differ with the approach of all other local and state environmental agencies.  This agency is ignoring the Phase 1 due diligence process that provides the proper justification for subsurface investigations. 

Buyers and owners should be cautious of going the route of random investigations.  ERAS can provide evaluations of proposed work and determine if a focused approach is being followed for your investigation and/or provide a cost estimate for one.