UST closure is a process handled usually by the local fire department for underground tank removals.

This process usually takes a couple of weeks to complete through an application process. A UST closure can initiate an open leak case when samples are collected and analyzed.

Facility closure is for facilities that have filed hazardous materials permits and are vacating their tenant spaces. These closures are performed under the oversight of the hazardous materials department and may require Phase 2 sampling.

Facility closures are overseen by the fire department or county health department. This process requires a workplan submittal and may take 2-4 weeks to complete.

Leak case closures are handled by fire or health departments with state agency concurrence. These closures are for sites where contamination has affected subsurface soil and/or groundwater.

Closures of this type are only obtained after Phase 2 subsurface investigations, groundwater monitoring, and remediation of soil and groundwater. Leak site case closures may take months or years to complete.