A Phase 2 investigation was conducted by another consultant on the subject site based on the former operation of machine shop and a foundry with a furnace located in the outside yard area.  ERAS prepared a workplan for the Alameda County Department of Environmental Health (ACDEH) and performed additional investigation consisting of additional soil borings. 

It was determined contaminants of concern were petroleum hydrocarbons, naphthalene and lead.  Soil vapor sampling indicated concentrations of naphthalene and also methane (from the degradation of petroleum) in subsurface vapor.  Fortunately, naphthalene was not located in soil vapor under the building.  Soil remediation was performed to remove soil with hazardous concentrations of lead and naphthalene, the soil was properly disposed as hazardous waste.  A vapor mitigation system (VMS) was installed to mitigate the hazard of methane buildup.

ERAS prepared a Site Management Plan for operation and maintenance of the VMS and the case was closed by the ACDEH.

Client: John Murray of Murray Productions