Property is in a heavy industrial area that was once part of the Kaiser World War 2 shipyard.  ERAS performed additional historical research which indicated the Property is located on what was formerly San Francisco Bay marshland.  ERAS also reviewed technical reports of Phase 2 soil testing and groundwater monitoring of 4 existing groundwater monitoring wells.

ERAS developed a complete cost estimate for site investigation and remediation of four separate areas on the Property contaminated with PCBs, petroleum hydrocarbons and metals leading to case closure.  ERAS performed three separate Phase 2 subsurface soil andgroundwater investigations that included a total of thirty-eight (38) soil borings with oversight from the California Regional Water Quality Control Board (RWQCB).

ERAS established it was likely the contamination was associated with the landfilling of the former marshland because the contamination was restricted to the groundwater interface at approximately 8 feet below ground surface.  ERAS also established the contamination was restricted to the Property and there were no threats to off-site receptors or occupants of the building.

The RWQCB closed the case with a deed restriction that allowed current commercial use.  The total cost of the case closure was approximately 30% of the original closure estimate.

Client: Mr. Yates McKenzie, Stella Capital. owner of Property