ERAS conducted a technical review of historical documents to attempt to determine the source of chlorinated solvents (VOCs) found in 1988 in a former groundwater monitoring well on the Property. Files were reviewed to evaluate thedistribution and extent of VOCs nearby and sites.

ERAS conducted a Phase 2 soil and groundwater investigation under the oversight of the California RWQCB.  The investigation indicated the presence of a regional groundwater contamination plume as well as some contribution of solvent contamination from a former tenant of the Property.

ERAS performed a sub-slab soil vapor subsurface investigation that indicated a possible threat to indoor air conditions. Based on these results, ERAS subcontracted an indoor air sampling specialist to evaluate risk of exposure to solvent from under the building.  It was determined to be no risk to indoor air and the case was closed by the RWQCB.

Client: Mr. Jim Nicholson, Dinsmore Landscaping. occupant and prospective buyer of Property